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Barry Harris Institute Rome 

Tomas Jochmann

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Ever since his studies at the conservatory in Prague, Tomáš Jochmann has been a regular at prestigious international jazz workshops in Italy, such as Tuscia in Jazz Workshop, Barry Harris Workshop, or Ronciglione Jazz Spring. Many jazz superstars thus rank among his teachers: Kenny Barron, Barry Harris, Aaron Parks, Dave Kikoski, Dado Moroni, or Antonio Ciacca.

Throughout his musical career in the Czech Republic, Tomáš Jochmann has become one of the most distinguished and sought-after accompanists for singers in jazz as well as other genres. He has also performed in Switzerland, Germany, Egypt, Taiwan and Vietnam. His talent has brought him numerous opportunities to share the stage with the likes of Kurt Rosenwinkel, Rosario Giuliani, Justin Faulkner, and many others.

Since 2015, he has managed the recording studio and publishing house Baracca Records, where he is currently also active as the head mixing and mastering engineer.


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