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Laurent Meyer

Fausto Ferraiuolo

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Uno spazio unico

SIC.12 artstudio APS is an exhibition and musical and theatrical research space located in the Ositense district in via Francesco Negri 65. Home to a collection of Art Brut and contemporary art set up by the artists Gustavo Giacosa and Fausto Ferraiuolo, it was born in Rome in 2020 with the aim of enhancing exhibitions, themed meetings and residences for artists the richness of this particular collection. Gustavo Giacosa and Fausto Ferraiuolo, who have been interested in the relationship between art and otherness for years, make up the collection in close relationship with their theoretical research and their artistic work. The strongly inclusive will of this collection is already reflected in the title, Puentes (bridges). It brings together almost a thousand works by artists of different origins and ambitions: those who choose to become artists by forming themselves as such in the `` cultural norm '' and those who, refractory to pre-existing models, create only for themselves, becoming artists in an unconscious or involuntary way, the artists of the so-called Art Brut.



SIC12 artstudio

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