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In 1986 he began in Latina, with the guitarist Claudio Olimpio, the studies of music theory, harmony and electric bass; In 1988 he played in the Bossa'n'Blue group with bossa nova repertoire and jazz standards; In 1989 he studied at the 'Bird', a club dedicated to Charlie Parker, with double bass players Tayler Mitchell and Ron Seguin. Since 1990 he has worked as a double bass player and electric bass player in local groups and subsequently, as a double bass player, he collaborates continuously with Agostino Di Giorgio, Ole Joergensen, Bob mover. He also collaborates with Tony Castellano, Cinzia Gizzi, Carlo Battisti, Larry Smith, Nikolaj Gromin, Lucio Turco, Luciano Fabris, Puccio Sboto, Riccardo Biseo, and Aldo Bassi; at the same time he gives private lessons of electric bass; From 1992 he studied with Agostino Di Giorgio and subsequently attended the seminars of the American bebop pianist Barry Harris, owner of the Jazz Work Shop in New York, in Rome and Den Haag; In 1994 he recorded Bob Mover's first sung album (forthcoming publication); In 1994/95 she collaborated with the 'Note Nuove' musical association and school in Latina as an electric bass teacher (modern jazz-pop-rock address) and artistic coordinator of the school's jazz laboratory. He begins an in-depth study of the instrument with the Roman double bass player Mauro Battisti. In 1995/96, while carrying out his civil service at the Municipality of Pontassieve (Florence), he continued to play in the trio and quartet of Agostino Di Giorgio. In 1997/1999, in Florence, he taught in Sound music schools, collaborating with Guerrini, Stefano Bollani, Romano Pratesi, Franco Baggiani, Leonardo Pieri, Borri, Diego Carraresi and Walter Paoli. In 1998 he spent a three-month period in New York collaborating with Bob Mover, and attended Harris' workshops, also studying with Rufus Reid and Tardo Hammer. In 2000 he studied with Barry Harris and Buster Williams. He records the album In The Flow with the pianist Mirko Caserta. In 2000/2001 he moved to Verona where he plays regularly with the Oscar Zenari trio. Knows and collaborates with Andrea Papini, Agostino Di Giorgio, Marco Bovi, Paolo Mappa, Renato Chicco, Gaetano Riccobono, Matteo Turella, Enrico Tommasini, Helga Plankenstainer, Micky Loeche, Max Dall'Omo, Andrea Olivi, Michele Vignali, Francesco Bearzatti, Oscar Marchioni, Mauro Ottolini, Stefano Benini, Gianni Cazzola;

In 2002 he plays among others with the pianists Udo Van Boven & Erik Doelman in Den Haag Holland, the saxophonist Benny Weiss. He teaches at the LAMS music school in Verona. He records guitarist Matteo Turella's album 'Headache', published by Splash, with Mauro Beggio and Robert Bonisolo. He works with the quintet of the singer Gaetano Riccobono; In 2003 he often works with the Carlo Atti Trio, the Grasso brothers quintet, saxophonist Steve Grossman. He forms a very close and requested rhythm session with the drummer Gianni Cazzola. He records the CD "Marco Guitars" with the guitarists Agostino Di Giorgio and Michael Jeup. He collaborates with the pianist Andrea Sorgini recording various compositions of the pianist together with Bobo Facchinetti (Drums) In 2004/2007 he conducted an intense concert activity especially with the Oscar Zenario Trio among others.... In 2008 he plays on the CD "Wail" with Luigi Grasso sax, Pasquale Grasso Guitar, Gianni Cazzola Drums, Rossano Sportiello Drums and on the CD "Chetime" with Beppe Zorzella Trumpet, Danilo Memoli Piano, Gianni Cazzola Drums. Since 2009 he has been working steadily with the pianist Barry Harris forming with the drummer Oreste Soldano the Italian reference rhythm for the master's seminars and concerts. In 2010 he recorded on the CD "Sail Away" with Fabrizio Gaudino Trumpet, Danilo Memoli Piano, Oreste Soldano Drums and on the live CD "Kuno Kürner Trio" with Kuno Kurner piano, Walter Bittner Drums and on the CD "My Monk" with Roberto Zanetti piano and Massimo Chiarella Drums. He works with trumpeter Tom Kirk Patrik and pianist Paolo Birro, with saxophonist Charles Davis In 2011/2013 he works among others with saxophonist Alberto Benicchi and drummer Alberto Chiozzi, saxophonist Valerio Pontrandolfo, pianist Vince Benedetti, pianist Richard Clemens, works with the Alma Swing group with violinist Mattia Martorano and guitarist Lino Brotto and Andrea Boschetti . Saxophonist Steve Grossman, guitarist Sandro Gibellini, Luigi Grasso italian tour with Pasquale Grasso Guitar and Keith Balla Drums, singers Lorena Fontana and Patrizia Gibertoni, guitarist Rudy Speri and Fabrizio Gaudino Trumpet, saxophonist Alfonso Deidda, pianist Pippo Guarnera, saxophonist Scott Hamilton, etc....

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